Semans Library

Early settlers in the Semans community would have been very grateful for the library, which we have in Semans today. From about 1914 through the 1950s, books were available to patrons through the traveling libraries, and through the mail; however, these were available on a limited basis. In 1968, the Parkland Regional Library, of which Semans is a branch, was established at Yorkton . Regional libraries are funded on a per capita basis, and the levy is included in the R.M. of Mount Hope and the Village taxes.

In April of 1970, the Semans Home and School Association activated interest in establishing a library in Semans. The R.M. and Village councils applied for library services, and by the fall of 1970, a bookmobile visited Semans for 3 hours every three weeks. These hours were soon extended to one full day every three weeks. Mrs. Edith Murney was the librarian, a position she kept for many years.

In August of 1974, the village council purchased a vacant building from the Semans Credit Union, and this became the site of the library for 30 years.

By 1982, there were over 4,000 books available as well as tapes and magazines. Books not available locally could be requested through Parkland headquarters in Yorkton.

In 2004 the library was moved to the school.

Over the past twenty years, a number of locals have served as librarians and librarian replacements. These include Edith Murney, Elma Lazar, Carolyn St. Hilare, Carol MacMurchy, Ethel Duffield, Donna Oblander, Wanda Shields, Edith Marshall, Jeannine Bitternose, Robin Duffield, Joanne Hamilton and our present librarian Phyllis James.

Prior to 1987, our village council acted as a library board, with one representative from the R.M. After 1987, a separate board was set up, with one representative from each of the two councils and 5 to 7 other members from our community. This board is actively responsible for programming, fund-raising, and promoting our library as a focal point of information and enjoyment. Through volunteerism, the resources of our library are in use by all ages.

The years from 1990 to 1996 brought a number of changed to our library. One of these came in the fall of 1995 when our library became a Community Access Program site. This process came about largely through the efforts of Donna Oblander, the librarian at the time. Our library, being part of the “Information Highway”, offered additional services and information to our patrons.

The future of our library, as in most rural communities, will be affected by a declining economy of our farming residents. However, in spite of these, our library remains a viable and important part of Semans and of its surrounding areas.