Sports in Semans

Curling started in Semans around 1909, and has seen many different buildings over the years. In 1963, the community built a three sheet rink. Artificial ice was later added. The rink was used for high school curling, and was home to many bonspiels. The rink has a downstairs banquet room able to accommodate meetings and dinners. The curling rink closed as there wasn’t enough interest to keep operating. The curling rink still stands it is now “Redline Manufacturing”  but it will always remain in the hearts and minds of those within the community as the “Curling Rink” as the “Spirits of The Past” still ring out.

Figure Skating
The Semans Figure Skating Club was formed in 1962-63. Although there is no longer a figure skating club due to declining population, the rink is still being used for some skating lessons in conjunction with the Raymore Figure Skating Club.

Hockey, like most small Saskatchewan towns, is the number one sport in Semans. It started in Semans in about 1908 or 1909 on an open air surface. The arena that stands today was built in the fall of 1972, to replace the old arena due to a fire. Senior Hockey and Recreational Hockey occupy the rink over the winter.

Minor Hockey
Minor Hockey was started in Semans in about the 1950’s. The thrill of hockey will always be a part of the community, however, again the declining population of young people made it impossible to have enough players to play minor hockey and those interested have to travel to other towns to play their favourite winter sport.

Senior Hockey
Semans Wheat Kings · 1954 – 1980
The old Semans Wheat Kings were a very successful hockey team. They were known as the “Decade of Champions” through 1954 – 1964, as they won a combined total of 10 Provincial “C” and League Championship titles.

Semans/Govan Clippers · 1984 – 1996
After the loss of the Semans Wheat Kings due to the lack of local players, a new team was formed in 1984 between the towns of Semans and Govan called the Clippers. The Clippers won one league title in 1989, but in the offseason of 1996 a decision was made for Semans and Govan to separate. Semans once again has their own senior hockey team.

Semans Wheat Kings · 1996 – Present
When a decision was made for Semans to once again have its own senior hockey team, a great deal of interest was expressed by the community and team to return the team back to the original name of the Semans Wheat Kings. Two new sets of jerseys were purchased, and the Wheat Kings returned back to the Semans Arena for the first time in over 15 years.

Recreational Hockey
Recreational hockey has been played in Semans for many years and is still going strong today. There is no league to play in, but there is no shortage of games as most of the surrounding towns have teams who are looking to play games. Sometime over the winter months the Recreational Hockey Team (or the “Goodtimers”) as they are often called, will host a tournament inviting teams from around the area.